What is the CAMS Model?

The CAMS Model is a guide to establishing and operating a financial mentoring service.

The CAMS Model is a template available to any organisation in New Zealand seeking to set up a similar service.   It documents the philosophy of CAMS, all our operating procedures, and provides a complete set of all the client forms and guide sheets which CAMS has developed.  
The CAMS Model will be of particular use to organisations that have identified a need for an accounting training and mentoring service in their town, city or region.   The CAMS Model is suitable for agencies which support a number of community and voluntary organisations.   The CAMS Model is not intended for individuals or as a teaching tool, though some of the material could be used in an accounting mentoring situation if that were already established. 

The CAMS Model is available on compact disc (CD-Rom) in MS Word and MS Excel formats.   It is available to any organisation within New Zealand at no cost.   Please note that the CAMS Model contains no accounting software or accounting spreadsheets.    
How Can You Obtain the CAMS Model?

Write to:   Maria Phelan
               CAMS Model Resource
               Community Accounts Mentoring Service
               P.O Box 11-706
               Manners Street

CAMS thanks Family and Community Services, Ministry of Social Development, for assisting with the funding to develop this resource and make it available to the voluntary and community sector in New Zealand.